Through concrete measures of adaptation to climate change at the local level, and the application of low carbon technology solutions and mitigate climate change measures in cities.’

1. Adaptation to Climate Change at Local Level: read more…

a) Plans and climate change adaptation initiatives in cities, following the previous programme (2009-2014).

b) Pursue a pilot project in the River Basin of ‘Ceira’ (Centre Region of Portugal) for the recovery of green infrastructure, awareness of climate change and reduction of vulnerabilities to climate change, bearing in mind the aspects socio-cultural in the region and promoting the involvement of the population.


2. Living Labs for Low Carbon and Mitigation of Climate Change in Cities: read more…

The effects of climate change are evident by the emission concentration and resources in the main urban centres of Portugal. In big cities, there is a high potential to test innovative solutions and digital technology due to the concentration of resources and active citizens. The Environment Programme will promote living labs to test innovation and the development of low carbon solutions in specific areas of the cities.

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