On 18 September, Susana Escária presented for the first time, the funding priorities of the Environment, Climate Change and Low-carbon Economy Programme – ‘Environment Programme’ – on the ‘Portugal Shipping Week’, an annual event dedicated to the blue economy, in Lisbon.

During that week the main topics discussed were the trade relationship with maritime transport and the potential of Portugal in this context; the environmental sustainability of the sector, or green shipping; the role of digitisation in the future of maritime transport; and investment trends in the sector. The presentation as Programme Operator was delivered at the second session of ‘ pitching ‘ dedicated to companies and investors. It sought to show the alternatives for financing in three main domains:

(i) In the field of Circular Economy (dedicated to the construction sector and the reduction in the use of plastics);

(ii) Valorisation of the Territory (such as the sustainable management of national Biosphere Reserves) and

(iii) Decarbonisation of Society, in particular, the support to increase resilience to climate change, through concrete measures of adaptation to climate change at the local level, and the application of low carbon technology solutions and mitigate climate change measures in larger cities.




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