From 8th to 12th of October took place a visit to Norway in the cities of Tonsberg, Oslo, Lillehammer and Fetsund. This visit, under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism EEA-Grants 2014-2021, had a threefold goal: 1. To develop institutional contacts with Norwegian partners, as well as the exchange of experiences and knowledge in loco in the areas of Environment, Water Resources, Metrology and Energy; 2. A visit to the region of Lillehammer (in Oppland County) and its pilot project, following the visit of the Norwegian delegation in June, within the scope of the pre-defined Project ‘Rio Ceira’ and; 3. Collection of information on the Norwegian experience in the system for management, collection and recycling of plastic bottles. From 8th to 10th of October, the Norwegian Directorate related the scope of the visit to the EEA Grants project in Rio Ceira, with the sharing of experiences and presentation of practical cases for Civil Protection (DSB), the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET), the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and the County Governor of Oppland. From 11th to 12th of October the focus was the study of practices and procedures related to the Norwegian policies on waste management and recovery, sustainability and the visit to production and recycling facilities, the entities involved were, respectively, the Norwegian Environment Agency, Innovation Norway and Infinitum. DSB made presentations in the areas of civil protection, methodologies for prevention and response to crisis scenarios, adaptation to climate change and forest fires. MET described its activities and its mission. Among its activities is the weather forecast system for Norway and the rest of the world (, as well as warning systems for events such as forest fires in Norway. It also collaborates with the NVE regarding the development of open data systems and the possibility of crowdsourcing for the production of real time data. The Norwegian Environment Agency presented the policies and measures defined in Norway for management of waste and recovery of materials, as well as a practical case of a deposit system for packaging. Innovation Norway, as a donor partner (DPP) for the Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy Programme, has demonstrated its experience as the Norwegian government’s main vehicle for innovation and business and industry development. Infinitum presented the specificities of the Norwegian tax system for beverage packaging and its environmental considerations and made a guided tour in its recycling facilities for cans and plastic bottles. Representatives of the Secretary General for Ministry of Environment (Programme Operator of the Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy Programme), the National Management Unit, the Norwegian Embassy in Portugal and the Portuguese Ambassador to Norway, António Quinteiro Nobre, participated in this visit and followed the Secretary of State for the Environment, Carlos Martins. Were also part of the Delegation the members of the Office of the Secretary of State for the Environment, representatives of the Portuguese Environment Agency / Central Hydrographic Region Administration (APA / ARH Center Region), the Hydraulic and Water Resources Institute of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto and of Engenho & Rio. .

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