On June 29, the Norwegian Ambassador visited the Ceira River Basin in the Central Region of the Country, where the EEA Grants Environment project “Rio Ceira” will be developed with the purpose of Green Infrastructures recovery, climate change awareness and vulnerability to climate change reduced in Ceira’s River Basin. Ceira River has the ideal conditions for a pilot project regarding adaptation to the effects of climate change and forest fires. After the intervention, regulation of river flow will contribute to flood prevention and control of invasive species. The intervention also includes a strong cultural component that count on the active participation of local communities. The Ambassador was received in the Region by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Mr. Carlos Martins, the Portuguese Environment Agency (promoter of the project), the National partners of the project promoter; FEUP, Engenho & Rio and Lousitânea, as well as the Secretary General of the Ministry of the Environment, the Mayors and Deputy Mayors of the City Councils of Góis, Pampilhosa, Lousã and Arganil.

Última Actualização em 26 de Abril, 2024

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